Historical Perspective

befitting the residential landscape of imposing georgian and victorian mansions

26A and 26B The Pavement were originally intended as a single dwelling of 4000 sq ft, featuring an impressive front garden facing Clapham Common. A change of plan resulted in the building being divided into two almost equal parts, with separate 'a' and 'b' house numbers becoming a requirement. This was an unusual situation in the 1880s when such demarcation was almost invariably reserved for flats or apartments.

The first owner of 26A was a doctor who established a local parish surgery for the whole of the Clapham Common area on the property. This has been historically referenced on the title deeds to preserve its local significance. The growth of the practice necessitated its eventual relocation and upgrade to Health Centre status by the local authority to accommodate the expanding population. It was taken over by a solicitor for a short period until his death, after which it was left to fall into disrepair until the current owners of 26B bought it privately.

The first owners of 26B were a French family of confectioners. Chocolates and ices were produced in the summer house in the rear garden. Competition from Cadbury's forced their independent brand out of business and the property was eventually sold to a young Italian family, who changed its commercial use to that of a restaurant. Years later, the property usage reverted briefly to confectionery and tobacco sales before it finally became the single dwelling house it is today. After 90 continuous years of their family's occupation, the surviving two children chose to sell privately to the existing owners.

The site circa to 1910. The Old Surgery is visible to the right of picture.