The Site

The two properties both have single storey projections, with generous street frontages onto a newly designed highway that is pedestrian friendly, with parking bays immediately in front of the building.

The main building is of three storeys, with the ground floor element projecting in front of the upper floors by approximately 10 metres. The property is currently in residential use and the former commercial shop fronts have been bricked up with two front doors and two large windows, which serve as the living areas.

The site forms part of the Clapham High Street District Centre Primary Shopping Area, located at the historic Old Town end. This is an extremely vibrant, well-established area benefiting from the proximity of the Common and excellent accessibility.

There is undeveloped land at the rear of both properties of approximately 150 sq m / 1600 sq ft. The total site area is 467 sq m / 5026 sq ft